Is XRP a Security?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple, over whether or not XRP is a security or not, highlights the train wreck that is U.S. regulatory oversight of the burgeoning digital asset industry. This is all taking place against a backdrop of a political establishment that appears weak and grasping to flex its power vs. a public that is slowly losing confidence in the system.

While the U.S. is floundering and suffering from internal rifts and mismanagement, the Chinese Government is working to unseat the U.S. economically and the U.S. Dollar as the global reserve currency. It is believed…

Betting against the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) can make you poor.

Bet against the DJIA and you might need to reduce your food expenditures

Eating is not overrated. I like to eat.

So, how do you know what the resistance levels are for a market, for levels that are new all-time highs? Math.

Here I will begin to list a few of my favorite tired cliches…

1. A few people on YouTube love to talk about the world being a stage Apparently they poached this brilliant insight from Shakespeare:

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players…”

Let me ruin the movie for you. The world isn’t a stage, it’s a computer program. You’re a SIM. You’re welcome.

Insert Mad Laughter Here

2. Another old saw (pretty cliched, no?) is there are no coincidences. Aren’t there? How, short of being God, would one know?

Pomp must be so excited.

As reported by Business Insider:

“Janet Yellen, President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee for treasury secretary, suggested on Tuesday that lawmakers “curtail” the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin over concerns that they are “mainly” used for illegal activities.”

Grandma Yellen expressed her thoughts on terrorist Bitcoiners thusly:

“You’re absolutely right that the technologies to accomplish this change over time, and we need to make sure that our methods for dealing with these matters, with terrorist financing, change along with changing technology,” Yellen said.

“Cryptocurrencies are a particular concern. I think many are used — at least…

U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Estimated May 5th to May 15th 2020

Is the Bear Market Over?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been declining the past few days and is now near 23,808.

Using my method of projecting price, 23,808 was projected to be the next target.

After that, the next targets were either 24,576 or 22,272.

24,576 was reached.

After 24,576 we would see either 25,344 or 23,040 next.

Although it’s not impossible to reach 25,344 next, the probability given that as this is being posted the DJIA is trading at 23,843.53, 25,344 does not appear to be a very probable level to reach next. More probable is moving back through 23,808 and then 23,040.

26,624 represents probable stronger resistance to the upside.

Looking at the market from a long-term view — the DJIA is trading in a range that spans from 12,288 to 30,720.

The market has backed down several times after approaching the 29,000 level.

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19,000 More COVID-19 Deaths in U.S. from May 1st to May 9th?

The University of Washington’s Institute of Health Metrics Evaluation (IHME) has been widely criticized for the inability of its model to correctly forecast the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the United States.

Criticism is cheap and at least the IHME at my Alma mater the University of Washington attempted to build a model. One of the problems with building models is that if the assumptions built into the model aren’t correct, then the numbers the model puts out won’t be correct.

Given the choice between a simple model to estimate future COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. and a more…

Don’t Laugh: Joe Biden Will be the Democratic Presidential Nominee

Joe Biden is Still Running for President. Here’s Him Running in 1988. AP Photo/George Widman

I have recently been Tweeting about Democratic Candidate Joe Biden and the likelihood that he will be the 2020 Presidential Nominee for the Democrats.

Some people seem to be incredulous that any could come to the conclusion that former Vice-President Biden could receive his party’s nomination.

Slow Joe is Still in the Lead

However, Biden is currently still the front-runner and the only 2020 Democrat competitor hoping to face President Trump who has been able to consistently poll above 20% nationally.

Why Joe Biden is Inevitable

Joe Biden is inevitable. He will be the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States. You can stop the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries right now. They will only confirm Biden’s unstoppable march to his party’s nomination, and perhaps provide some drama and what passes for news as the 21st Century passes from its teens to its twenties. Seemingly anyone can produce a laundry list of why gaffe-prone Joe Biden won’t succeed in his quest to contest for the White House against President Trump, but the two biggest reasons he will succeed are intertwined — impeachment and Ukraine…

We live in a country where trust is eroding. After a close election loss the losing side accuses the winners of election fraud. Our President faces impeachment hearings constructed on a partisan basis where the primary basis is supposedly a disagreement on the conduct of foreign policy — but appears to be more a deep distrust of the man directing the policy. Our political parties cannot set aside their differences or pause their unrelenting attacks on each other long enough to discuss the pressing issues of the day. An alarming portion of each political side believes the other side has…

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