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  • azjj09


    God, family then myself. I am Third. From the book by Gale Sayers.

  • Okie Oilman

    Okie Oilman

    Committed to Christ, a commercial real estate broker; webmaster who loves travel, snow skiing, scuba, windsurfing. Oil a big part of family history.

  • Carlos M Bertosini

    Carlos M Bertosini

    Ganhe Dinheiro Revendendo Folheados Direto da Fábrica Folheados no Atacado diretamente de Limeira/SP -Entregamos para todo Brasil

  • Roger K. Beaty

    Roger K. Beaty

    Content Strategist. Digital Curator. Optimist — I search for the Future of Health & Tech.

  • Laraib Saleem

    Laraib Saleem

    Marketing Evangelist | Digital Advertising Professional | Web Content & Social Media Strategist|Blogger|Analyst

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